• Hyprocell Technology:

  • Fully human monoclonal antibody development Technonology. High producing stable cell line development technology.

    Fully human monoclonal antibody development:Non-human hybridomas produce non-human antibodies and often immunogenic and less tolerated by the human immune system and are less effective as therapeutics. Humanized antibodies often lack the effector domain. Hyprocell technology of Karyochi-based human hybridomas produce fully human antibodies for treatment of cancer, production of vaccines , other diseases and diagnostic tests without costly and time-consuming humanization steps. The antibodies secreted by Karyochi-based human hybridomas are full-size immunoglobulins with naturally assembled heavy and light chains as well as both antigen binding and effector domains.

    The high efficiency of Karyochi-based human hybridomas has been established and would be an advantage for Hyprocell to generate fully human antibodies for Customers

    Generates fully human monoclonal antibodies in vivo or in vitro
    Human monoclonal antibodies can be used for treatment and diagnosis of cancer and other diseases

    Karyochi-based hybridoma technology can also be used in vaccine production and autoimmune disorder treatment

    Personalized antibodies specific to a patient’s disease can be produced and used as a therapeutic or diagnostic tool

    Can evolve fully human antibodies as a result of natural immune response

    Can produce fully human antibodies to desired antigens in vitro

    Fully human antibodies can be produced directly and in large quantities – no costly and time-consuming humanization steps

    Fully human antibodies produced using this method are better tolerated by patients’ immune systems and therefore more effective